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National Expert: When the U.S. Treasury was establishing national policy on mortgage modifications and foreclosures for President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Rydstrom served on the official working groups with the American Legal & Financial Network (AFN), MBA, consumer groups and banking institutions. When the 110th Congress wanted a neutral analysis of the predictive mortgage finance meltdown, Rydstrom was chosen to give an official Statement to the House Ways & Means Committee. When the AFN wanted to educate its mortgage banking servicers on the U.S. Treasury’s first HAMP outline, they chose Rydstrom.

Mr. Rydstrom has been quoted or published by: United States Congress, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today Magazine, MortgageOrb, Mortgage Daily News, Orange County Register, Tax.org, National Business Institute, CMISfocus eMagazine, Pepperdine University (Law, Business Journal), AIR Commercial Real Estate Association, Constructor Magazine for the AGC Association, Society of California Accountants, various Landlords and Real Estate Owners associations and others. Richard is a frequent keynote speaker, moderator, panelist, and CLE instructor for National Business Institute for lawyers, judges, banks, and servicers.

Some significant distinctions include: Published in a Statement to the 110th Congress, House Ways & Means Committee, Chairman Charles Rangel Considered a national expert in mortgage banking and related foreclosures Honorary member of the American Legal and Financial Network (AFN) Chairman of CMIS (Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions) Member of the HAMP Policy Working Groups (AFN, Treasury, etc.) CLE speaker and educator for attorneys, judges, banks, servicers, accountants and financial advisors for the National Business Institute (NBI) Frequent keynote speaker, panelists, and moderator at national conferences and webinars including the AFN, NBI, CMIS, CMBA Voluntary Settlement Officer (VSO) for all Los Angeles courts

 Articles Publications: Mr. Rydstrom has authored numerous articles including the Public Educational Outreach Booklet entitled 13 Homeowner Solutions to Default & Foreclosure, Zone of Insolvency Meets the Zone of Coverage in the Mortgage Meltdown“ Liability Lessons from the Official Take-Under of Bear Stearns, The National Mortgage Meltdown and the Collapse of the Shadow Banking System, Helping Homeowners Keep Their Homes, and Lenders Keep Their Loans, The New Liability Circle, From Enron to Martha! and 12 New Rules to Keep You & Your Client Out of Corporate Jail! [2003 Update re SOX“ Sarbanes-Oxley; FASB, GAAP].

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